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  • Tales of the Living Dead
    Zombies, zombies, zombies!
    Topics: 62   Posts: 1224
  • Fantasy
    Magic, monsters, and a bit of antiquated technology.
    Topics: 16   Posts: 105
  • Science Fiction
    Technology, time and space travel, alien speices, genetic engineering, or alternate universes.
    Topics: 14   Posts: 49
  • Horror
    Ghosts, monsters, the occult, survival horror, or just the guy at your work who holds a dark secret.
    Topics: 5   Posts: 19
    A virus, environmental shift, extra-stellar sources, supernatural forces, or other pandemic events.
    Topics: 4   Posts: 13
  • Modern
    Espionage, Covert Ops, or other settings in our modern era.
    Topics: 3   Posts: 7
  • Historical Fiction
    A nice tale spun against a historical time period or setting.
    Topics: 2   Posts: 3
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