Registration and Forum this!

Be sure to read this for information on registration, an introduction, and posting on this site.
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Registration and Forum this!

Post by bobturkee » Tue May 27, 2008 9:43 am

Welcome to TALESOFTHELIVINGDEAD.COM formerly known as BOBTURKEE.COM. This is a forum for creative writing, collaborative, and serial fiction. While many of these stories may have settings or elements grounded in the real world they are only fiction. This website has been in operation for over ten years and has seen many versions, terrific works of fiction, and hundreds of thousands of visitors. I would like to invite you to join our community and embrace fiction as many of the talented writers at this website have over the years. Please be sure to read the rules below before posting and most importantly have fun!

2/17/17 IMPORTANT REGISTRATION UPDATE: ALL potential new members need to submit an email through the contact us link at the bottom footer of the site. A member of our administrative team will contact you and arrange access. Unrelenting spam and robot registrations have forced more significant and drastic registration processes.

OLD FORUM NOTE: Half way through 2007 the format for the forums changed and as a result the new forums were started fresh. The old forums are currently in a file awaiting a conversion by someone with way more PHP/SQL skill than I have.

RULES: These rules may be updated and changed at any time. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of these changes.

(1) Writers must maintain the theme of the forum and/or story. The easiest way to do this is to read along before making your initial post.

(2) Do not ‘kill’ another writer’s character(s), nor place them in any situation they do wish to be involved. This includes forcing anyone else's characters into a situation that is radically advancing the story for someone's character without their explicit permission. Email or message an author and ask before joining his/her storyline. Do not intrude without permission.

(3) Do not begin a new THREAD while you still have one active covering the same material. Multiple THREADs concerning the same characters tend to clutter up the board and make for confusing reading. You can simply REPLY to your first post and THREAD or serialize your story.

(4) Include a valid email address when you register. The Moderation Team and fellow writers need to communicate with you.

(5) Remain within the parameters of the genre or other created content.

(6) Avatars: You may use avatar images that are remotely hosted. Your avatar may not contain nudity and must be no wider than 100 pixels or it may be deleted.

(7) Signatures: Your signature may be up to 500 characters. You may not include images in your signature or grossly promote a list of websites.

(8) Stop by the Announcements and General Chatter forum and introduce yourself.

(9) Keep all out of character comments (OCC) and discussion in the Planning Boards section. No one wants their stories cluttered with random comments.

(10) If you loose your password or can't get it to work e-mail me from the registered address and I will reset it for you. You can also choose to do this yourself. Only valid e-mail addresses associated with the username will be authorized.

(11) Wait for others to post, don't get be in a hurry to advance the story, let others get involved. Personal reflection or individual story development is fine, but if your writing with others wait for them.

(12) Take others advice and criticism for what it is. Don't freak out, get upset, stop posting, or see it as an insult of your creative abilities. Keep it personable.

(13) Stories involving gratuitous sexual relations or the detailed sexual exploitation of minors or animals will be immediately deleted and the author warned. After three warnings an authors IP addresses will be banned from posting. Please report anything suspect to the moderation staff to help keep our community clean of inappropriate material.

(14) Graphic descriptions of detailed sexual behavior and rape beyond a R movie rating should be avoided. Stories and posts violating this rule may be deleted or edited and authors warned. After three warnings authors IP addresses will be banned from posting. Please report these to the moderation staff to help keep our community clean of inappropriate material.

(15) Stories glorifying school shootings or terrorism are not allowed on this website. In other words no Columbine style stories. We have enough violence in our stories we don't need any mirrors to real life tragedies such as school shootings. This is not a website for teen angst it is a community of responsible, mature writers.

(16) Be sure to read these rules and ask myself or the Moderation team if you have any questions.
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